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Warehousing Management

Seatrade International provides secure and convenient services in Packing, Warehousing & Distribution for both bonded and non bonded warehouses for your cargo and your inventory.

Seatrade International also provides warehousing facilities at various locations. We have trained professionals for supervision of loading and unloading activities at warehouses. Utmost care is taken for the safe delivery of cargo. A proper method of managing your cargo through our integrated inventory management system is followed reducing time cycle and assuring constant availability of cargo. Our clients are assured of safe storage of goods as we have full control on the entry and exit of goods.

Seatrade International can provide You with logistics management featuring public warehousing, local trucking, and Customs bonded warehouse.

Our logistics experts combine warehousing and distribution, advanced systems and technology for visibility, as well as value added services to customize your supply chain and to meet your precise goals and requirements

At Seatrade International, we can structure a warehouse solution to suit individual specifications. Our team listens carefully to your logistics challenges and conducts a thorough analysis of your business requirements. Using this information and our proven experience, we can construct an optimal solution to suit your cost and service requirements.

So if you're seeking to reduce your logistics costs, improve your operating efficiencies, increase your speed-to-market in short, if you’re looking to optimize your supply chain in any way, talk to us.

What we can offer you:

  • Centralized management of freight, carriers and information.
  • A single point of contact for all of your shipments.
  • Complete visibility and control of shipments.
  • Rate and carrier negotiations to reduce your time and expenses.
  • One-invoice freight payment coordination to save time and administration costs.