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Seatrade International is a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) freight forwarder. NVOCC is a carrier issuing bills of lading for carriage of goods on vessels, which the organization neither operates nor owns. NVOCCs purchase large blocks of space at a discounted rate from shipping lines and resell them in smaller blocks to other shippers. NVOCCs often consolidate and transport shipments under a single bill of lading.

Seatrade International provides a complete NVOCC service through its Ocean Division. The Ocean Division builds on over the years of experience in the shipping industry and offers a robust and reliable service. We utilize long-term strategic partnerships with leading air and sea freight carriers allowing us to offer fast, flexible and reliable services to and from all destinations and origins. This combination of services makes Seatrade International the perfect choice for importers and exporters looking for greater shipping options.


Shippers own container is a container which is owned by the shipper of the goods. Usually the container will be provided by shipping company for the duration of transport and empty returned to shipping company once transport is finalized. Shippers own container will not be returned to shipping company as they are in the possession of shipper or will be part of the buying contract in once at destination be in possession of consignee.

You may be required to arrange a delivery of your container to / from Intermodal Terminal, please advise your trucker that the hard hat, safety west and toe safety boots are a must. Access to the terminal will be denied without this safety features.

We can arrange transportation of your container by our truck to / from the Rail Terminal if requested. Our trucks do not have equipment for lifting/dropping off of the containers from/to the ground level, so crane at your place at origin and final destination will have to be arranged by you.