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Project Handling

Project shipping involves any cargo shipped by either sea or air which is usually oversize and does not fall within standard shipping dimensions. Seatrade International provides special handling for this oversize and out of gauge cargo.

Seatrade International has rich and varied experience in Project Forwarding Logistics. We have moved and helped in the erection of huge pieces of Plant & Machinery. We provide break bulk cargo services that are not dependent on the size of the cargo. Be it any shape or size, we are capable of giving you a very good experience in terms of high quality services in project cargo handling. We understand that businesses require heavy bulk cargos to be carried and they want it to be timely delivered as well, therefore our services include break bulk cargo services, with which you can have your bulk cargos transported to its destination in time. Such kind of cargo services are not that easy to handle. It requires proper planning and management by the project logistics provider to handle all the activities involved in this process. However, we at Seatrade International understands clearly all this complexity involved and we take all the require measures to provide assured services.

Our expert staff makes all the calculations and specific arrangements based on the heavy size of the break bulk cargo for effective services. Complex projects requiring route surveys and construction of special roads to handle such humungous projects are within our domain of expertise by virtue of our past experience and those of our overseas associates some of whom are entirely specialized in Project relocations. You can expect timely delivery of all sizes of cargo from us. We have provided excellent services to our clients with our careful management and planning for the project logistics. We are equipped with the expertise and experience that is required in moving heavy bulk cargos to any place. We assure quality service in project logistics and break bulk cargo and we prove it with our past records as well.

We are especially focused on providing project management services for clients who have time definite delivery requirements.